Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ladies' Album Reproduction Precuts & A Free Pattern

Charm Pack 5" squares
The precut packages for my latest Moda reproduction
collection are in shops now.

Ladies Album has 40 different bolts.

The precuts include Jelly Roll strips 2-1/2",
Fat Eighth Packs, Fat Quarter Packs...

And Layer Cakes- 10 inch squares

Yardage is scheduled to be delivered in March.

The print on the top is one of my favorites,
which is called Pressed Posies.
It comes in four colorways: Rose, Tintype, True Blue and Natural

The original---the document print---is from a
quilt top that belonged to an old friend's mother.

Betty's Nine Patch with Four Patch Cornerstones
The top looks to be about 1880-1890.
It could be copied with two Layer Cakes, two Charm Packs
and a yard of a very light print plus 4-3/4 yards of a medium for the sashing.

You could make it as scrappy as you like.
I always love to see those lighter nine patches
popping out at random places.
(Also notice the lower corners where she
ran out of  sashing!)

The top above with 30 blocks finishes to 91-1/2" x 109". Betty's top had sashing on the sides but not the
top and bottom. I drew it up in EQ7 as more symmetrical.

The Nine-Patches using 5" squares cut from Layer Cakes
finish to 13-1/2" You need 30 Nine-Patches.

The Four-Patches in the sashing
finish to 4" square. They are
pieced of squares cut to 2-1/2".
You need 42 Four-Patches.

And sashing strips cut to 4-1/2" x 14" strips.
You need 71 strips.

If you supplement the precut Layer Cakes and Charm Packs with the one very light print you should have enough to make this large quilt.


  1. Another great line of fabric. I especially like the pinks/roses and the blacks. Thanks for the design suggestion, too.

  2. Love love Love this fabric line!

  3. Once again, you have design a beautiful collection. What I like best is the fabrics realllly do look antique.

    It might take 3 life times to use all of the fabric I have bought .. but the selection is great!

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  4. There is something timeless about the nice patch, always love the simple style of the pattern. It is also the perfect pattern to go with your new fabrics.


  5. What a great line.. and great color choices. You never disappoint.

  6. You are all so kind. I thought this one turned out well!

  7. This is WONDERFUL! I received a 1908 treadle for Christmas, and now I know the reproduction fabric and pattern I want to make on her. Thank you Barbara!

  8. Wow, such a beautiful collection of fabrics, can't wait for it to be out. Congratulation's on another awesome line.

  9. I would like to use this fabric for your 2014 block of the month. I seem to have missed the fabric needed. I don't know how much to buy. This collection is my favorite so far. I just love it!