Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cabin Fever II: Blizzard

Block by Roseanne Smith from
Ladies's Album (and a little yellow).
If you started the triangles with 4" squares you'd get a finished 31-1/2" block.

Thursday: I'm still snowed in here,

although Roseanne in her four-wheel drive can get out, so she brought me a bakery muffin and a quilt block she's been working on. She has been making half-square triangles and watching Jane Austen videos while 14" of snow fell.

This will be one of four blocks. Our websurfing expert Janet sent her a picture of the block and by using Google Image Search we found it's from a Planted Seed pattern called Star Spangled.

Star Spangled by Planted Seed

Here's a sketch of four together. 

We could call it The Blizzard of '14.

Roseanne is thinking sashing, which is how the Planted Seed design is set.

Yesterday, the downtown looked pretty much like this 1920 shot of
a similar town. They piled the snow in the middle of the street with 
a lane on either side.
All I know is what I see on the webcam.


  1. It seems everyone is getting a lot of snow this year. We are lucky, just enough to enjoy but still bitterly cold with the winds. Good time to stay inside and quilt.


  2. What a beautiful post! I love the colors of the block, with a delicate
    touch of yellow.

  3. I'm piecing blocks with The Ladies Paradise (BBC) on DVD. It's a good day for staying home in Utah also. Always love your posts of quilts and vintage photos.

  4. Love seeing the blocks in the different color ways. And like,you I am truly getting tired of snow and cold.

  5. Bummer! Sorry, Barbara, but I'm enjoying the sunshine here in Vegas. We had several cloudy days last week and I thought I was going to lose it.
    Love that block! I really like four-block quilts.

  6. Beautiful block, Roseanne. I love these fabrics!

  7. What a beautiful large block ... only need a few to make a quilt top.

    Snow --- Grrrr. I have been told when the Europeans started across the country, and a storm hit the likes of what they h ad never experienced, They ask what was happening. The Cheyenne called the storms Blizzards.

    Imagine back then, even in a city, the mess. Horses, wagons, barns... we are blessed!

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  8. Hi Barbara, love your blog. I'm writting from Australia where we have been having 40 degree Celsius temperatures for weeks! The snow looks so beautiful, although I'm sure it would have its disadvantages also.