Friday, January 24, 2014

Quilters Newsletter Article on Modernism & Quilts

I've been writing for Quilters Newsletter magazine since
1977 I think. I have an article in the February/March 2014 issue.

Somebody there reads my Historically Modern blog and asked me to summarize the blog's theme:  how quilts affected modernism and how modernism affected quilts.

Threads of Modernism
 I included a few antique quilts that are good examples of modernism's principles of abstraction, simple shapes and basic color.

Like this Mennonite Log Cabin from Laura Fisher
at Fisher Heritage quilts.

And a few contemporary quilts by my friends that might exemplify

Here's one of my favorites:
This is a Quilt, Not Art by Joe Cunningham, 1996

Read more about the issue here:

Click on the links to posts on the Historically Modern Blog in which I talk about modernism's principles and how they relate to quilts.

Principle: Abstraction:

Principle: Unmodulated Color

Principle: Minimalism

Principle: Scale


  1. I've been reading your articles in QNM since the beginning and recently let my subscription expire because the magazine contents seemed lacking any substance - now I will want to get the Feb/March issue!

    Thank you for your lifetime dedication to art & quilts.

  2. I received my copy today. Enjoyed your article. They always make me think and evaluate what I see.

  3. Barbara - like life itself quilting is never static. Each era, even each generation, puts a twist on the old and at times tries to reinvent quilting!

    I owe you so much for what you have written in books and share on your blog. I enjoy adapting to my tastes antiques quilts. Never having been one to 'copy' a quilt ... putting my little twist on an 1840's quilt delights me.

    Thanks for all you have done, and continue to do.