Saturday, January 4, 2014

Modernism Pre-Cuts in Shops

Modernism is my latest Moda line, a small-ish collection,
 30 different bolts.

Reading about history and biography is one of my major recreational activities. Every year I pick an era and read and read. The time period somehow winds up in a Moda fabric line. 

A few years ago I focused on Jane Austen's England and did a collection called Hartfield in the types of sprigged muslins and chintzes I imagined Jane and Cassandra liked.

 One year I devoured biographies from  the Federal period in America and the line was Lately Arrived from London.

For months I have been reading everything I could find about Paris in the 1920s.
 Modernism is the line inspired by all that sophisticated jazz-age nightlife.

The precuts for Modernism, such as Jellyrolls and Layercakes, are in the shops now.

This collection is going to be a little bit harder to find than
some of the others I've done. The audience is narrower
for prints from Paris in the 1920s than from the Civil War years.
My historical adventures are for a sophisticated audience:

Read more about Modernism here:

And at my separate Historically Modern blog

Now that the New Year is here....I have to pick a new era to read about. I'm really stuck in Paris in the 1920s----why would I want to leave? Perhaps inspiration will come soon. Who knows what fabric will come out of my 2014 trips to the library?


  1. I’d love to see a list for the books about Paris that you are enjoying. Grandparents lived there then—he a correspondent for Time magazine—she a fashion plate.

  2. I can imagine the fabrics that came out of that era, always enjoy reading your posts and seeing the photos.


  3. I'll echo a previous poster, would love to know the reading list that inspires your fabric lines. I'll have to find the Modernism line. We visited Coblenz 9 years ago while our son was stationed in Germany. Very beautiful drive along the Mosel valley. The vineyards were being trimmed for the growing season.

  4. Barbara--This new line looks very interesting! I also love the photo of the woman with her big book on her lap, her big dog at her side, the calendar(?) on the door behind her, and the wallpaper! Heading to your other blog to take a peek. Just what I need--another detour . . .

  5. I am enamoured with Vienna at the turn of the 20th century and moderne. Soviet constructivism. Reading about those times although information about the 20's and 30's textile is a little thin.

  6. Guess I know what I'll use for the BOM now :-). I really like this line.

    (And you never know if something else might make an appearance, too!)

  7. MUST find this fabric! Is there an online retailer?

  8. see online retailers by doing a web search for words
    Modernism Moda Brackman