Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Snow on the River Wandle: Free Quilt Pattern

Snow on the River Wandle
65-1/2" x 65-1/2"

Here's a pattern for a two-block quilt with lots of white and an assortment of fat quarters from my Morris Apprentice collection. I drew it up in EQ and named it "Snow on the River Wandle" because the Morris fabric printing workshop was on the Wandle in England.

Here an artisan is drying printed fabric 
rinsed in the river, ca. 1910.

There's a star block. You need 25.

And a stripe block. You need 16.

I used 9" blocks so you can make the stars and stripes out of Layer Cakes.

Layer Cake= 42 squares 10" x 10"

Fabric Requirements
White: 4-1/2 yards (more if you want a border)
Prints: You can get a star out of a Layer Cake square (10" x 10") and 3 [UPDATE 2 STRIPES] stripes per square, so a pack will be more than enough. If you want to buy scrappy yardage buy13 fat quarters.

Rotary Cutting a 9" Finished Star Block
You need 25.
A -Cut 4 white and 1 print square 3-1/2"
B - Cut 4 white squares 3-3/4".

Here's a screen capture from EQ to show you how to cut the triangles. Fold them in half to determine the midpoint and press. (The pink line is a fold; the black lines are the cut.). Then cut the triangles by connecting the corner to the midpoint. Those numbers 63 are the degrees of the angle. You do not need to worry your pretty little head about that.

C - Cut 4 print rectangles 4-1/4" x 2-1/8".
Cut each in half corner to corner.
You need 8 of these triangles. [See the comment about reversing the cut below]

Rotary Cutting a 9" Finished Stripe Block
D - For each block cut 2 white and 1 print rectangles 9-1/2" x 3-1/2".
You need 16 blocks. So cut 32 white strips and 16 print strips.

The Edge Triangles

For the sides: Cut 4 white squares 14".
Cut each with 2 diagonal cuts to make 4 triangles. You need 16 triangles.

For the corners. Cut 2 white squares 7-1/4".

Cut each in half diagonally to make 2 triangles. You need 4 triangles.

Morris workshops at Merton Abbey on the Wandle.


  1. Wonderful block and pattern. I think the new fabric looks beautiful with a lot of quilt patterns. This year I need to start using my stash and making some full sized quilts.


  2. Delightful pattern. Thank you very much!!

  3. Oh this is so pretty! It will make a wonderful January project!

  4. Very pretty pattern. Thank you for putting it together!

  5. Thanks for the pattern. I know just the fabric to use!

  6. What a wonderful Christmas gift to me, I just found this pattern of yours! Perfect for an assortment of layer cake squares! I was in an online swap of kona solids I have a background fabric, this will be lovely!
    Thank you, Leslie

  7. Thank you so much for a beautiful pattern! I do, however, run into two problems.
    Step C: Following your directions gives me 8 identical triangles while looking at the diagram I need two (mirrored) sets of four identical triangles each which I could receive by cutting two rectangles in "the other direction" if that makes sense.
    Step D: In the introduction you mention that you could get 3 stripes out of each layer cake square - but the stripes are 3.5" wide.
    Am I just a bit thumb or do I misread your instructions? I would, however, really appreciate any clarification just to keep others out of the same trouble I'm having. Thank you very much in advance.

  8. Anonymous-thanks for the corrections. You should be my technical editor.
    You can only get 2 stripes out of a 10" square-
    And you are right about the flipping.