Friday, December 21, 2012

Quilts from the Netherlands

Quilt from the collection of the
Openluchtmuseum, Nederlands

The Openluchtmuseum in the Netherlands has a collection of antique Dutch quilts. I read in Quilt Mania magazine that they have a calendar for 2013. In looking for it I found an online quilt show.

There are 15 quilts on the Museum's webpage.

Click here to see the quilts:

I will be keeping track of things in 2013 with this Lang calendar featuring the collection of antique quilts at Colonial Williamsburg.

In the comments Diana from the Netherlands has information about how international customers can order the 2013 calendar from the Openluchtmuseum. Click on her name there to find her email.


  1. I love the quilts with the hexagon units! The fabrics seems very cheerful too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. thank you so much for the links beautiful quilts Merry Christmas to you-I so much enjoy all you share with us.

  3. It is nice to see quilts on your blog from my country :-)

  4. Beautiful quilts - love that collection and thanks for the link :)

  5. I am making the '16000'-pieces. ( Last picture) 4000 done yet and lots of hexagons to go...

  6. We sell this calender in our bookshop(www.matildasboek.nl). It costs 12,95 euro. Sending it to the US is possible. We also have the book Dutch Quilts by Ann Moonen.

    Sometimes it is a bit difficult to find such books from another country. That's why I prefer your books from C&T publishers because these are easier to order.

  7. Diana
    I was hoping someone would tell us where to get the calendar. I'll add your information to the blog post.

  8. Great to see 'our' Dutch quilts featured on your blog. The book by An Moonen (she is a former curator of the Openlucht Museum in Arnhem, The Netherlands that you mentioned) that Diana mentioned is a wonderful source of knowledge and inspiration.