Monday, September 17, 2012

The Garden Quilt: Recent Interpretations

My Garden Quilt
Jo Bunker
Auburn, Maine

Jo's very close version of Rose Kretsinger's Paradise Garden won Viewer's Choice at the Maine Quilt Show in 2010.
See Karen Kay Buckley's blogpost here for a detail


At the bottom of the page is a very long URL for a snapshot album of this quilt.

Paradise in Kansas by Ilyse Moore

When Ilyse Moore and I were working on our Garden quilt pattern book (See The Garden Quilt over on the left) I made a file of photos of recent quilts inspired by the original Garden quilt pictured in Ruth Finley's 1929 book. Several of these quilts have been prize winners at recent shows.

Paradise Garden
Thuy Nguyen
Quilted by Naomi Gingerich

Thuy's version is also very much like Rose Kretsinger's. She's reproduced several other Rose Kretsinger quilts. See more at her webpage:

Around the Garden
By Kathryn Zimmer
Tucson, Arizona
Kathryn won a few prizes with this quilt based on The Garden, including a first for Wall Quilt at a 2009 NQA Show

Barbara W. Barber
Rhode Island
The Broderie Perse version of a Garden Quilt is on the cover of Barbara's 1997 book Broderie Perse from American Quilters Society. Barbara echoed the general construction of the Garden using the cut-out-chintz technique.

Rose Garden
Terri Doyle
Gilbert, Arizona

Terri also used Broderie Perse in her Rose Garden quilt, framing a basket of flowers with Rose Kretsinger's swag circle. The machine quilting, inspired by Rose Kretsinger's designs in spectacular. See a detail of Terri's quilt here:

Some designers have taken the basic structure of the Garden quilt and gone off in new directions.

Birds & Roses
Pat Peters
Hurricane, Utah
Pat's medallion center includes some of the flowers but a different repeat.
The corner structure is similar. I think I took this photo of Pat's quilt with its red ribbon at the 2010 Road to California show.

See more of Pat's quilts here:

Summer Garden
Northwest Quilters
Designed by June Bradley & Carol Schaefer
Hand applique and hand quilted
112" x 112"

The Northwest Quilters 2011 Raffle Quilt was Summer Garden designed by June Bradley and Carol Schaefer. The center is very much inspired by Kretsinger's Paradise Garden with a brand-new set and borders.
Read more about the quilt and the pattern here:

More pictures
Jo Bunker's quilt


  1. These are all so lovely. Ms. Nguyen has some lovely quilts on her website too.

  2. I love the black version, really stunning with the contrasts.


  3. I have a confession: I've always found these types of quilts to be boring. Not sure why and, fortunately, I don't have to worry about it!

  4. The pattern are really intricate on full of style. It is really lovely. I really can imagine the hard work in these creations. Lovely!

  5. The quilt you have as Pat's quilt is surely a copy of Margaret Docherty's quilt which she wrote the book on and showed in the US?