Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Flea Market Find

Over the Labor Day weekend small towns often turn into giant flea markets.

Are there any bargains left?

Too bad the camera couldn't capture the gold glitter of that accordian or the luster of the purple kleenex box holder.

Here's a visual memo for Christmas decorations:
 glitter, gold paint and egg cartons.

A sewing related craft.

If one had room for a four-piece set of deco furniture there was a bargain.

The pie is still a deal.

At the Legion Hall.

On the quilt front, there were unusual items I did not need.
A pink sateen, flounced item with a chiffon-painting in the center.

The Seth Thomas Rose from the
 Kansas City Star column---not in great condition---
but always nice to see the pattern done.

A good date on an embroidered quilt.
These are things I did not need, however.

Feed sacks in a whole-cloth tied comforter.
 More ties than you can shake a stick at.

Wait a minute, on top of that stack of tied wool comforters.
 Is that a linsey quilt?

It IS a linsey quilt---I only have ONE of those.
Well now I have two.

It was ONLY $25. And of course only valuable as a catalog of linsey and home-woven fabrics.

But what a catalog of samples.
All were wool or wool/cotton or wool/linen combinations.
There is blue jeans cloth, butternut, hickory cloth...
Quilted in diagonal lines.
 Bound with the white linsey twill back brought over the front.

Plaid linsey-woolseys and plaid and striped wools.
How old is it? These things are hard to date.
Saw nothing in it like machine stitching that would help in the date.
All home woven and hand stitched.
Could be 1810 but more likely a late-19th century quilt made from earlier home-woven cloth.
Read more about linsey quilts in my 1812 blog post here:
So I guess I'll have to go back and poke around again next year.


  1. O.k., gotta say it - only a true fabric lover would love that quilt. However, I include myself in that category! Way to go.

  2. Nice find, I would never know that was something worth looking for. I can tell ones from the 50's, see lots of those in thrifts.


  3. The sign has a new word on it!! Infromation!! My Grandmother taught english & this just caught me as being delightfully charming. Glad you found the linsey quilt.

  4. I have a velvet quilt which is very similar to the one in your first pic. I wonder if you could put a date to it?

  5. It must be the area I live in - I never seen flimsies of any kind let alone old ones. Your site is so informative. I always look forward to it.

  6. Nana---I'd have to see pictures. Velvets---they have been making them for a l-o-o-ong time. Hexagons. Ditto. I am guessing the one in the photo is any where from 1880-1920 but I should have looked at the backing. That's often the best clue in a velvet tied quilt.

  7. I have the Remember the Ladies fabric that I bought years ago an had the pattern to go along with it. Since then I've lost the pattern. Is there a copy to be had anywhere? I've search and can't find one. Thanks!