Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Political Campaign Fabric: 2012

Among the earliest campaign memorabilia is this pair of cardboard thread boxes or sewing kits from the presidential contest between John Quincy Adams (on the left) and Andrew Jackson. Each features a portrait of the candidate in the box top and rainbow printed paper sides.

The tops have pincushions with mottos
"Victory for Adams"
"Don't Forget New Orleans"

Here's another Jackson box with the lid flipped over to show the portrait under glass. The boxes are attributed to the 1824 or 1828 campaigns.

They measure 4" x 5" x 2-3/4" tall.

A hexagonal box for John Quincy Adams also survives.
The pincusion says "People's Choice" and here is the lid flipped over.

Jackson portrait fabric may have also been a campaign souvenir. This portrait of him in uniform harks back to the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812.

The print was reworked for the 1876 Centennial.
See more about this fabric on a blog post here:

My friend Georgann and I have been making campaign boxes for 2012.

You may recognize the incumbent in this new version of the Jackson print.
I made some new campaign fabric by dropping the official President Obama portrait into the old Jackson fabric. I used the 1876 print and coloring because it has sharper detail.

I printed out small pieces on my color printer.
But maybe you would like some 2012 campaign fabric.

So I decided to make some 2012 Democrat campaign fabric that people can buy from Spoonflower.com, which is a print-on-demand fabric site. I put the image into the Spoonflower repeat system and this is what came up.

Here's what a fat quarter looks like.
You can buy this yardage from Spoonflower by clicking here:

See more about Spoonflower's custom fabric printing service here:

A how-to on the square thread box next post.


  1. This is a big difference between France and the US : we seldom say our political preferences ! I like your frank way of life :-)
    Love your new fabric !

  2. Where is the Republican alternative?

  3. Well now, that's very clever indeed. Would I be able to custom design some fabric with my pup's picture and have them print it up?

  4. Spoonflower's a wonderful option for pups or politics.

  5. That is a nice idea for changing an old fabric into something for now.


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  7. I went and ordered some of your Obama fabric...it looks awesome!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  8. He is so handsome.

  9. Will you also create a Romney fabric?

  10. Would love to make this, with Mitt Romney!

  11. I used these instructions and made a floral box with different charms in each square. It came out cute. Thanks!

  12. Barbara, great idea for the fabric. Going to add it to my collection of President Obama fabrics.
    Don't think I will be making that box though. Maybe I can trade with someone that like doing boxes, think I will make a purse.

  13. did you get permission from the copyright holder of the photograph? otherwise I'd think the fabric itself is a copyright violation. not that I understand the laws very well...

  14. I'm new to your blog, though not to your work - this is really wonderful.