Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dots A Good Idea

Dots: Good Ideas and Bad

Laura Fisher sent some pictures of dot quilts so
I've collected some pictures from the dot files.

This one's polyester doubleknits---an excellent use of the medium.

Here are three from online auctions---all 20th century.

I saw this polka dot horse pattern and thought of a quilt
Karen Alexander showed on her blog.

Dots probably a bad idea.
Target practice is not something you want to allude to in a baby quilt.


Hot Dots from Laura's inventory

With embroidery, maybe early 20th century.

Cold dots-similar pattern
Odd Ball Quilt by
Emily Herrick for her Geared for Guys eBook

Stove Eye by Mary Atkins, Kalamazoo, 1970
 in the collection of Michigan State University's Museum.

Mary Worrall's interpetation.

Dots the perfect solution for an empty spot in the composition.

More later, I've got to clean up. Sewing here this week.

Wish Busy Lizzy was coming by before the stitchers get here.

See some bad ideas for dots at this post:


  1. I have been collecting dots and circle fabrics and plan on making a circle quilt for my daughter, with them.


  2. I am still not convinced there is a bad dot! Loved today's post!

  3. Hilarious! As a long time poison ivy sufferer, I can looking at these dots without itching, fortunately. It's my wrists that hurt; all that curved piecing . . .Take care, Byrd

  4. So funny! I have Juniper and Mistletoe in progress and there are a lot of dots on that (red ones too!).
    Karen in Breezy Point
    Confession: Fabrics and pattern in a tub are "in progress" in my world.

  5. Hallo Barbara,
    Trust your weekend is going or went well.
    Thank you for this dotty display. Here I was thinking making dot quilts is new and you bring me some golden oldies & newies.
    I love dotty/spotty fabric too and liked the way the dot filled the spot on the quilt.

    Perhaps the Hens are doing the Chicken Hop??

    Thanks once again.

  6. Check out this dot quilt donated by Julie Silber's mom, Merry to the MSU Museum. http://museum.msu.edu/glqc/collections_7585.1.html

  7. The Odd Ball Quilt is a masterpiece — the name, the playfulness of the idea, the color and simplicity, perfect.

  8. Fabulous post...
    Thank you for sharing this...