Saturday, March 31, 2012

Setting an Applique Sampler

I've been putting off setting my applique blocks for last year's Northern Lily/Southern Rose quilt.

At Moda we originally did the pattern for a block of the month in an unpdated color scheme and contemporary set for the Civil War Reunion fabric collection but I did a group of blocks on ivory prints for an old-fashioned look.

Ilyse Moore
Northern Lily/Southern Rose
I was inspired to get the blocks out by Ilyse's quilt, which is now not only sashed but bordered and awaiting closer quilting. The pattern called for 12" blocks. Ilyse made her blocks smaller.

I wanted to use a set that looked authentic to the 19th century so I checked my file of samplers from online auctions. On point---red sashing. I liked it. But it's too late for that. The blocks are designed to go on the square. (Note to self----next sampler think diagonal set!)

I thought about just putting them side by side which can look too chaotic.

Alternating with plain blocks might be too dull.

There's a strong tradition of using red strips as sashing...

...from Baltimore about 1850 till the end of the century.

And then there are green strips.

Jerri McReynolds used green strips on her Northern Lily and it looked great.

I decided on a red stripe, sort of wide. I noticed that mid-century quilters often just ran the stripe like that with no cornerstones to break up the sashing.

I am awaiting not only inspiration but the yardage for my next Civil War reproduction line for a final border.

The pattern is out-of-print and the Civil War Reunion fabric is long gone, but I did find two online sources that still have patterns and kits. You can ask your local shop if they have any of the patterns left.

The next Civil War collection will be called Metropolitan Fair and I expect to get some yardage right before the May Quilt Market.


  1. Your red stripe is perfect, the best of all the sashings. Now if only we all could have your expertly catagorized digital library of quilts! I suppose copyright considerations prevent selling copies . . . Too bad!

  2. I think the stripe you chose was the perfect choice. Lovely!

  3. I love stripes for sashing (and bindings too.) Great choice...

  4. I love your choice of sashing. Honoring tradition, but still unique. Beautiful quilt!

  5. i love how you walked us through your decision making--very enjoyable esp. with the pictures. lucky you!

  6. Love the red stripe and that you made it wide.
    Now I am really sorry I didn't buy this pattern!
    I enjoyed looking at all the options for setting this quilt

  7. Echo the above! Walking through the choices and your decision process jump started a lot of creative thoughts for me. All showed beautiful personality. Thanks for lesson!