Saturday, March 24, 2012

Morris Quilts

Evening Star by Sheila

William Meets the Farmer's Wife
By Sheila Oaten
Sheila (The Quilting Gammy)  made blocks from the Farmer's Wife sampler in William Morris reproduction prints.

The patterns are from a book by Laurie Aaron Hird

See Sheila's Flickr page here with lots more pictures

Barbara Brackman, Craftsman Values, 2011

I found this quilt I made last year in the stack of unphotographed miniquilts. I used a package of 1-1/2" precuts, sorted them out by value into lights and darks and made a strip quilt by piecing strips along the diagonal.

The ever creative women at Common Threads in Waxahachie, Texas have kitted up the Southern Gentleman pattern by Sindy Rodenmayer in Morris & Company prints.

See more at the shop by clicking here:

Penny Pierce is teaching a class in embroidery. For her sampler she used 1 metre of the Daffodil print from my Morris Tapestry collection. She said it's a good thing she's Canadian so she got a metre instead of a yard, because she couldn't have gotten all the sashing and the border out of a yard.

I don't think I ever posted a picture of Roseanne Smith's "square in a square" quilt finished.
Here it is hanging down at Sarah's Fabrics.

She framed square in a square blocks with strips and cornerstones and then added wider strips and cornerstones.

Her inspiration was this quilt from about 1900 she saw on an online auction.

Send me pictures of stuff you make from these Morris prints and I'll post them here and on my Pinterest board.

Update on March 25th---See Shasha's quilt here


  1. No morris prints, but I got some really nice creams that will be perfect for my civil war girls.


  2. I love the Farmer's Wife quilts and the patterns. I really like the applique as well.

  3. I made one. But for a batik and background fabrics, it is all made from your William Morris fabrics. I believe it has fabric from all three different releases of William Morris fabrics I've seen over the last few years.

  4. It was quite a thrill to see my quilt featured on your blog. I have been a fan of William Morris designs for quite a while and have various repro fabrics in 2-3 applique quilt's before doing "William meets the Farmers wife"

  5. I have a Jacobs Ladder top I just finished, made with a jelly roll... If you contact me, I'll send you the photo.( I don't know how to send it to ya)

  6. Hi there, I just completed a quilt (Star Bright, Star Light designed by Laura Nownes) using mostly your Morris fabrics with some from my stash for variety. Laura gave me permission to post it, so how do I mail a photo to you? Elizabeth Pruyn