Monday, January 3, 2011

Noelene's Reproduction Quilt

Rose Good Kretsinger, New Rose Tree, 1929
Collection of the Helen Foresman Spencer Museum of Art.
Gift of Mary Kretsinger, #1971.0103

Two or three years ago I ran into an Australian quilter Noelene McGuren who was in Lawrence, Kansas to visit a quilt exhibit at the Spencer Museum of Art. She fell in love with this quilt by Rose Kretsinger and determined to make a copy.

She has sent me photos of her progress.

The applique didn't take too long at all.

It was the hand quilting....

Nolene McGuren, Lawrence Joy, 2010
She finished it in July and named it after her trip to Lawrence.

She wrote: I tried to get it as close to the original as possible, I entered it in the Victorian Quilt Show and won runner up in the Traditional section. I hope to hand it down to the next couple of generations. I hope they appreciate the work.

We certainly do.
See pictures of the original New Rose Tree in the Spencer Museum of Art by clicking on their search page.

Do a search for 1971.0103
And see another of Noelene's quilts by clicking here:

Rose's quilt is pictured in my book Flora Botanica, a catalog of the show that inspired Noelene. You can purchase it from the Spencer Museum Book Shop by clicking here:

And Beth mentioned one by Mary Shafer that you can see by clicking on this Quilt Index link:


  1. It sure is a wonderful quilt, would love to see it in the flesh.


  2. You can find another one on the Quilt Index at: http://www.quiltindex.org/fulldisplay.php?kid=1E-3D-119D

  3. Great big THANK YOU for sharing the quilt and the in-the-making photos. The quilting is gorgeous. AHHHHHHH to dream .....
    Congratualtions Noelene - it is a masterpiece of our quilting art.

    Julie in TN

  4. Gorgeous! So glad to see the hand quilting still being done.

  5. What a wonderful pilgrimage. Noelene, traditionals such as these are my favorites too. Breathtaking in every way!

  6. Runner up???? Are you kidding me!?! How on earth did that not take Best of Show!?! It's a masterpiece! What an amazing family heirloom she has created, for generations to love and enjoy! Well done!

  7. Great stuff, just stunning!! Such an ambitious project and a FABULOUS finish! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Where can I get a full size pattern for this quilt?