Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chris Wolf Edmonds

Chris Wolf Edmonds will be showing her textiles
at the Strecker-Nelson Gallery in Manhattan, Kansas from August 6 to September 11.
The detail above is from Dandelion Pinwheel-Journal Entry 8 May


Seasonal Shifts: Dandelion Pinwheel by Chris Wolf Edmonds
32" x 32"

Her pieces in the Seasonal Shifts series will be part of a group show.
Chris pieces textiles inspired by nature, using her own hand-printed and hand-dyed fabrics.

Seasonal Shifts: Dragonflies by Chris Wolf Edmonds
32" x 48"


Seasonal Shifts: Frost-Edged Leaves by Chris Wolf Edmonds,
 32" x 48"


Seasonal Shifts: Young White Oaks by Chris Wolf Edmonds,

32" x 32"

Through the Trees: Solstice Moon by Chris Wolf Edmonds, 2001

She has several pieces in the collection of the International Quilt Study Center and Museum including this one from her Through the Trees Series.

Click here to find out more about the gallery:

See a gallery of the work she's showing there by clicking here:

See another of her pieces in the IQSG collection by clicking here:


  1. I really appreciated this post. I always wonder about quilters that I haven't heard about for years. I love to see how their quilting has changed from their beginnings.

  2. Chris' work is so exciting - I'd love to go to Manhattan to see the exhibit, but will have to do all my viewing by clicking. Thanks for the info and the links.

  3. Beautiful art work in quilting and the fabrics she dyes, works some wonderfully with the pieces. I can see why she is honored.


  4. How wonderful to see and hear about Chris again. She was such a pioneer in the quilt movement of the 70's, one of many of those quilters who along with jinny Beyer and Roberta Horton etc. really sparked the quiltmaker in so many of us who started quilting 35+ years ago. Many thanks.
    Barbara Robson in Nova Scotia, Canada

  5. I ditto Scrappy above. So great to see what Chris is producing these days. I first met Chris in 1982 in Virginia. Followed her work after that for a number of years but haven't crossed paths with her since.