Friday, June 18, 2010

Strawberry Reproduction

Strawberry Garden,
 Designed by Terry Thompson, appliqued by Pam Mayfield,
 Quilted by Lori Kukuk, Lawrence, Kansas, 2010

Terry Clothier Thompson has a new applique reproduction pattern out.

Strawberry Garden is a 4-block version of an antique quilt from about 1840-1880  in her collection.

Over the years we've noticed several of these 19th-century applique extravaganzas. I looked in my Encyclopedia of Applique under Fruit and found two versions.

The Indiana State Museum owns one that is a simpler block set in a 9 blocks with no border.

Here are three more 19th-century variations

This one was offered by the Pook and Pook Auction house on line.
A somewhat similar fruit was discovered by the Oral Traditions Project in Pennsylvania,  pictured in Jeannette Lasansky's Pieced by Mother on pages 56 and 57.

And this one from Florence Peto's collection
was offered by the William Bunch Auction house.

Above is one pictured in Hall and Kretsinger's Romance of the Patchwork Quilt.

Above and below are two late 19th-century versions
 that could be classified as pineapples, except they are pink.

Find out more about Terry's pattern by clicking here:

And see a reproduction strawberry made in 1983 by Hortense Beck of Topeka, Kansas, in the collection of the International Quilt Study Center & Museum by clicking here:

See another interpretation made in 1987 by Laverne Matthews of Texas by clicking here:

And finally a giant strawberry at the Quilt Index (it could be a pomegranate)


  1. Barbara,

    These quilts are so beautiful! Every time I see quilts like these, I want to get back into applique quilts. Very inspiring collection and each one is exquisite!
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Oh gosh, this is so fascinating! Thanks for sharing. What a great post.

  3. What a charming quilt pattern! I'm not sure i've ever seen this pattern and if I have I probably had no idea it was a strawberry!

  4. I really love those old red and green quilts. I think the fading turns them into beautiful prim shades.


  5. Barbara, your blog is so full of great information and links to even more. We love it. When I looked for the Pineapple pattern on Terry's website, I couldn't find it-is it in one of her books or is it single pattern?

  6. Ordered Terry's strawberry pattern and received it last week. Lovely quilt pattern for my someday pile.

  7. Barbara when I saw Terry's quilt at market I zoomed over to chat! yrs ago I had a mouse eaten one that was similar but i need to find the photos as it was so dirty and chewed up i finally had to get rid of it during a downsizing.. but I did take photos..now to find them!

  8. Just found a wonderful unusual strawberry quilt in Washington state.
    See it here.

    Facebook Group
    Quilts-Vintage and Antique

  9. I found one recently, but I do not believe the design is a strawberry. So, I'm asking botanists who know nothing about quilts. Will let you know if I find out anything.