Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tracey Brookshier & Friends

Daisy Star by Tracey Brookshier

Among the  most innovative pattern companies today is Tracey Brookshier Design Studios.
Here's an artist statement from Tracey a few years ago:

I am inspired by antique graphic quilts with strong lines and repetitious forms. My quilts are original, though some are based on traditional block patterns. Fabric always drives the design - I buy something wonderful and figure out how to use it in a way that pleases me. I want viewers to say ‘Wow!’, when they see one of my quilts on a wall.

Crystal Lattice by Tracey Brookshier

She designed one of the most successful patterns ever. The rest of us pattern designers can only sigh when we look at the numbers---thousands and thousands of Bento Box patterns1 and 2 have been sold. But her success is well deserved.

Tracey doesn't design all her patterns. Here are two designed by friends:

Sudoku designed by
Susan Maynard Arnold
Sue Arnold realized you could translate a Soduko puzzle to 9 fabrics.

I pirated this picture of Sue from the site of the East Bay Heritage Quilt Guild.
Suduko with 9 fabrics on the right, with 16 on the left.

by Georgann Eglinski

Georgann's been making Sue's Sudoku quilts of Japanese fabrics.
 She cut leaves out of a print and appliqued them atop the version below.

Tracey's also published a pattern from Miriam Nathan Roberts's series of Interweave quilts.

Rainbow Interweave by Miriam Nathan-Roberts

Interweave by Georgann Eglinski
Georgann took a workshop from Miriam and made this wall quilt.
"Value is the Key"

Tracey's patterns are so "wow"-inducing that people often make them but forget to give her and the artists credit.
(Isn't that a nice way of putting it?)

Check out Tracey's website and her patterns here:

And see Miriam Nathan-Robert's impressive work by clicking here:


  1. Lovely post on Tracey. She is also a nominee for one of the Golden Quilter Awards (www.sewcalgal.blogspot.com).


  2. Wow! I'm a fan of star quilts and I love that daisy fabric too. Lovely post about talented designers and quilt makers Barbara. Ann :)