Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chrome Orange

This week the topic of my subscription email newsletter The Quilt Detective is chrome orange and chrome yellow. I have a disk, courtesy of Kathy Sullivan, that features quilts with chrome orange, what we today call cheddar. Kathy gave a Roundtable Session at the American Quilt Study Group meeting in October about the topic and she generously gave each participant a disk with the quilts in question. She gave me permission to use them.

Kathy collects cheddar quilts and quilts made in North Carolina, and many of these quilts fit into both categories.

This one is calling her name.

Another thing she collects is quilts and information about quilts made in this unusual pattern found in North Carolina. This one's appliqued to chrome yellow.

Thanks to Kathy for the entertainment.


  1. These are wonderful to see! Thanks : )

  2. Great.

    When did orange start being called "cheddar," do you know?


  3. Dear Ms. Silber
    I would say about 15-20 years ago is when I first heard people calling it cheddar. Another question is when did cheddar cheese become orange?
    Your friend,

  4. Here in California, at certain wildly radical establishment, purveyors of fromage indeed have cheddar cheese that is orange.

    Well, really, though -- here is my story: When I first opened a store, specializing in antique quilts, in 1972, we could not sell a predominantly orange quilt to save our lives.

    NO ONE wanted them.

    It seems to me that in the early 1980s, "someone" started calling that "kind of" color "cheddar," and -- coincidence??? -- ORANGE quilts started selling.

    I was hoping you could tell me who it was and to whom I owe 10% of all those sales?


  5. I do like the chrome yellow, guess orange is just not my color;)


  6. ok now these quilts are just so me too! Almost all quilts should have a little bit of cheddar in them!
    I love quilts with cheddar in them!!!! and the last one with the chrome yellow applique oh my it is just beautiful.

    Can you tell me is there a pattern for Deb's quilt on your website?
    hopefully its in one of your books and just don't remember, I love birds on quilts too and the border of this quilt is wonderful

  7. Oh Kathie I am so glad you asked. It's in our book Cranberry Collection that you can buy from Star Books. Click here.