Thursday, June 2, 2016

Quilts Using My Fabric Collections

Earthly Paradise Squares Kit Quilt
79" x 88"
Hancock's of Paducah is selling an exclusive kit for my Morris Earthly Paradise collection for Moda---the range of the collection plus a very dark and a very light for the alternate nine-patches. I saw yesterday they had two left.

One Oak Quilts Union Blues
The last time I looked One Oak Quilts had this quilt for sale
made of last years Union Blues Moda collection.,

Another quilt using Union Blues in the Perfect Union Pattern 
from Fons and Porter. Quilt by
Surface Matters Long Arm Quilting

Church Avenue Quilts used a Civil-War inspired line for Paddle Wheel.

Lynn Savage stitched a medallion from Morris Modernized CFA Voysey

And in the current QuiltMania:
Mieke Duyck used a pattern from my blog
for the Posey Quilt
and my fabric from a few years ago:


  1. Wow, such a beautiful use of your wonderful colors. I really like the paddle wheel pattern, as I have not seen that one before. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wondering what the pattern name is for the Hancocks quilt kit. Have my fabric, just been looking for the right pattern!

  3. Victoria

    Here is a similar pattern we did at Moda several years ago:
    Paste this into your browser:


  4. I love the Earthly Paradise! Now if I can only fit it into my budget ....

  5. Barbara - Thank you so much! I think I can figure out how to adapt it from there.

  6. The "Perfect Union" pattern? That is the pattern of the James and Caroline Boston quilt, which I've been calling "spools". I don't see "Perfect Union" in the index of your Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns. Is that a 19th Century name for the pattern?

    BTW, wish I owned all those blue and brown quilts!!

  7. All are absolutely beautiful!