Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Quilts from the 1960s

I was making quilts in the 1960s. Someday I'll have to post them. HAH!

1961 Bowtie

 But I do have a few date-inscribed quilts made by others from that decade in my file of dated quilts. Just enough to entertain you.

The classic Mountain Mist Sunflower, 1961,

done in a machine zig-zag applique.

1961, sort of a bowtie

Dated with a felt tip pen.

1962, Sunbonnet Sue

1964, Crazy

1964 Bowtie

1964, String Friendship


1966 from the North Carolina Project and the Quilt Index,
Shadow Trail, a Mountain Mist pattern

1967 from the Vermont Project and the Quilt Index,
Doulbe Irish Cross, a Ruby McKim design

1967, Crazy

1968, Rectangles Hit or Miss

1968, Four Patch

What design ideas were popular?
  • Bowties.
  • Alternate plain, bright-colored blocks.
  • Commercial patterns
  • And people were still making crazy quilts.


  1. That rectangle hit-or-miss near the bottom could well be my first quilt!!! 1968 would have been exactly the year ... mine was huge, made from dressmaking leftovers, had poly batting, was tied with acrylic yarn and had navy blue solid on the back turned over to be self binding. I know what happened to it, and may it rest in peace. :)

  2. It's great to see these quilts from the 1960's, including YOURS! What fun. I can imagine the music that you and these makers were listening to while sewing, before the "British invasion" came on the scene.

  3. I loved seeing these quilts. My favorite is the renegade with the Broken Dishes sashing and borders.

  4. Wish I still had a few of the quilts I made in the 60's. The earliest one I still own is one I made for our wedding in 1978. Most of my high school quilts were eaten up in the laundry! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for posting this! As always, insightful, easy to follow, and fun to see.

  6. How funny to think that quilts from the 60s are antiques now. =) I was just getting started - with a Grandmother's Flower Garden and no idea what I was doing.

  7. My fav. is the four patch with yellow. Nice collection, the 60's had it's own vibe.
    I was still a child but I remember my grandmother's and aunt's fabrics and quilts.

  8. LOL I was born in the 60's and made my first quilt in the 60s. Which I still have as a top...my oldest UFO :)

  9. I remember that Mountain Mist pattern with the flowers. I thought it was way over my skills (and in those days it was). The double Irish chain cross is beautiful. Wonder if new quilters could be able to tackle that now using the limited tools we had then.

  10. I LOVE these! I might have to make a few like these. I SO love the lemon yellow, and I just came across a piece of solid lemon yellow in my stash.

    Not so long ago, I would have found some of these "ugly", but I find them appealing now. Could be nostalgia, could be I've widened my perspective, could be "personal growth".

    Please show some of the quilts you made in the 60s. And think about repro-ing some of those fabrics, too.