Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Baltimore Album Quilts: Medallion Sets

Odd Fellows Album by Mary Ann McCue
Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Click here to see a large picture of this quilt:

Some of the most memorable Baltimore Album quilts are based on a medallion format with a larger block in the center. I've only found 17 examples.

Med-1 in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum
of Art was pictured in Woman's Day in 1965.

Med-12, the Captain Russell quilt, was painted by an Index
of American Design artist in the 1930s and appeared on Dolores Hinson's American Graphic Quilts.

By the Fish Family
Collection of the International Quilt Study Center & Museum

Most of the BAQ medallions feature a framed central applique
The Fish Family top (Med 4) focuses on an eagle and wreaths of cut-out chintz.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts
This inner border with triple-loop bowknots
is typical Baltimore.
Examples Med-1, Med-12 & Med-15
have similar borders.

Several feature a simpler, circular floral border around the central block.

Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Here's an enlargement of the inner border on #2

Date-inscribed 1859 from Maryland,
Newark Museum.

Med-17 has an empty center surrounded by an inner border with the bride's name Sallie Coulbourne of  Pomfret and the dedication.

It may be that some of these quilts are not from
Baltimore  [the Hennepin County Historical Museum
thinks this one (Med-13) might be from Philadelphia] but
each has some design characteristics of BAQs.

The index pages:


  1. Great post - thanks! I love these quilts :0)

  2. I'm swooning over all these beauties! Hoping I don't faint and fall plum over……..

  3. Fantastic over-the-top quilts. I had not seem them all before.

  4. Fantastic over-the-top quilts. I had not seem them all before.