Monday, October 21, 2019

Formidable Women: Liza MacKinnon

Ada Lovelace

The talk of Lawrence, Kansas lately has been Liza MacKinnon's sculpture show at the Percolator Gallery. Too bad---but it's over.

Liza, a librarian, makes paper dresses to recall formidable historical figures. Mathematician Ada Lovelace's dress (about 3 feet tall) is made from pages of her biography and decorated with flowers fashioned from computer punch cards. The repeat pattern is zeroes and ones---all the numbers you need.

Detail of Marie Antoinette's dress with trim of currency. Most of the dress, about 2-1/2 feet tall
is tax forms.

She's also made smaller pieces; this one's about a foot tall.

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's dress is painted pages
from her book Frankenstein. Details include black cross stitches
in the skirt to represent the creature.

Susan Wolfe's photo of Mary Todd Lincoln's dress

Marie Curie with a little radium glow through
x-ray film

Lawrence's own Lucy Hobbs Taylor

Friend Kathy bought the Duchess of Pembroke's Elizabethan dress.

Liza's webpage:

Her Instagram page:

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Daredevils Block #12: Evelyn's Star

Daredevils Block #12: Evelyn's Star
Scroll down for the 15" pattern.

Becky Brown's #12

Dorry Emmer's Block #12
They followed the pattern!

The last block in our series was modified from a Kansas City Star design, published in 1936.

It's an odd number in BlockBase
# T013
Which means I didn't have it in my paper Encyclopedia.

 Denniele Bohannon's block #12 Evelyn's Star,
waiting for the corner circles to be appliqued.

The Block
Daredevils pattern for a 15" block.
Cut paper templates. Add seams to the fabric.

Create a word file or a new empty JPG file that is 8-1/2" x 11".
Click on the image above.
Right click on it and save it to your file.
Print that file out 8-1/2" x 11". The small square should measure 1"
Adjust the printed page size if necessary.

Becky Brown's beautiful Daredevils
Next Week the border.

I should have said: This is the last block in the Daredevils Quilt Along.
Next week Borders.
Can't wait to see some finished quilts!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

AQSG 40th Anniversary Seminar

Cindy Rennels and her domain at the quilt merchants' area.
Really old quilt behind her. The triangles at the bottom are a deep fringe.


Spent several days in quilt heaven at the American Quilt Study Group's annual seminar, this year in Lincoln Nebraska. I saw a lot and heard a lot. It was a great experience and I have enough blog content to last till Christmas.

But you want to see quilts. So here's a selection of some I saw, with credits if I can figure it out.

Fuzzy picture of hexagonal pineapple quilt. Note my
finger there for scale. I have one of these pineapples but certainly
not this small.

This one had no backing which allowed us to see the fabric foundations.
Memory also fuzzy---which dealer?

Chintz cut outs at Mary Koval's booth.

Prussian blue & buff stripes in a center diamond

Square in a square (Economy block) from
the Triplett sisters booth. Made by Sarah Elizabeth Brady Engel of

Comes with a lot of documentation.

Mystery pattern from Xenia Cord's inventory. I drew in a white
line to show you that the blue dotted print are 5-sided pieces.
Not a block. Hard to put together.

Chintz from Xenia's booth

Great late-19th-c stripe from Mary Koval's stack of fabrics and parts.

Underneath: an early embroidered piece.

Maybe Jane Lury's booth?
The applique on the wall British.
It says FOOT on the bottom.

Humans and birds and other free form-applique. I always love the way
these free-form appliques ignore the block concept.

Saw a similar quilt at the International Quilt Museum galleries,
a recent acquisition. Family said it was made in Wisconsin but I doubt it.

Another new IQM acquisition. 1840s, taste changing --- chintz or calico?
How about both?

Looked through mail-order fabric sources at the Quilt Research Center
in the University of Nebraska libraries. Like this description of the flapper stockings---
"Pure silk and fiber", late 1920s.

Archivist Mary Ellen Ducey showing us the storage area
for the Quilt Research Center at the University of Nebraska Libraries.

More later.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Antique Quilt Shows Fall 2019 & Winter 2020

Embroidered & dyed roadster needlework

Hop in the roadster and head for a quilt show featuring antique quilts.
2018 show

Alabama, Tuscumbia
Belle Mont Mansion,  The annual quilt show at this museum: Antique Quilts from the Tennessee River Valley. through October 31, 2019, curated by Glenn Rikard.

Arizona, Sun City
November 9, 2019. Arizona Regional Quilt Study Day with program by Leah Zieber.

Buzz Saw, Docella Wilson, Bradley Arkansas

Arkansas, Little Rock
Old State House Museum. A Piece of My Soul: Quilts by Black Arkansans. Years ago the late Cuesta Benberry curated this exhibit of quilts from the collection, now rehung, up through Fall, 2019.

Louisa Caldonia Edgman, Arkansas, circa 1873

Historic Arkansas Museum. Stitched Together: A Treasury of Arkansas Quilts (from the collection)
Through October 31, 2019
Go to their Facebook page. Here's a link to the photos they post, one a day of Arkansas objects. Plenty of quilts:

Colorado, Golden
Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. In The British Style: English Paper Pieced Quilts and Antique Paper Pieced Quilts from the RMQM Collection. October 21 - January 18, 2020
Exhibit Opening Reception: Friday, October 26th, 6:00pm

Connecticut, Hartford
Connecticut Historical Society, Connecticut Quilts, curated by Lynn Z. Bassett.
Opening October 11, 2019

Georgia, Carrollton
Southeastern Quilt and Textile Museum. Antique Quilts from the Collection of Marti Michell
Through January 25, 2020

Illinois, Burr Ridge
Robert Vial House. Quilts from the Depression
Thursdays & 1st Sunday of each month through October.

Louisiana, New Orleans
New Orleans Museum of Art: The Quilts of Gee’s Bend. Five new purchases. Through March 8th, 2020.

Maryland, Baltimore
Maryland Historical Society. In conjunction with the exhibit Hometown Girl: Contemporary Quilts of Mimi Dietrich the museum will show some of its many Baltimore style quilts. Through 2019.

Massachusetts, Lowell
The New England Quilt Museum's current show of antique quilts features samplers, old and new, plus a tribute to the much missed Sue Garman who did wonderful interpretations of antique quilts. Sue's show up till December 29, 2019.

Nebraska, Lincoln
International Quilt Study Center & Museum

Whimsy. Through November 30, 2019.
Old World Quilts. The earliest quilts in the collection, curated by Carolyn Ducey. Through July 12, 2020.
New Views: Shape Shifters. Recent acquisitions. Through March 29, 2020.
Quilts from the Claire Vlasin Collection. Through February 23, 2020.

New York, Long Island City
American Folk Art Museum's Self Taught Genius Gallery. A Piece of Yourself: Gift Giving in Self-Taught Art. Perhaps this single quilt in many pieces of folk art. Through December 31, 2019

North Carolina, Raleigh
North Carolina Museum of History, QuiltSpeak: Uncovering Women’s Voices Through Quilts
Through March 1, 2020
Catalog available for $20 at the museum's shop:

Ohio, Kent
Kent State Museum. Ohio quilts from the collection.

Oregon, Salem
Willamette Heritage Center. Stitches and Stories: Discoveries from the Oregon Quilt Project
Through December 23, 2019

Pennsylvania, Lancaster
Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, Decorated and Plain: A Mennonite and Amish Sampler.
Up now till when?

Pennsylvania, Pennsville
Schwenkfelder Heritage Center. Signature Quilts from the collection. 
Through November 8, 2019

South Carolina, Columbia
McKissick Museum, Piece by Piece: Quilts from the Permanent Collection. Three rotations illustrating the evolution of this textile tradition.
Through July 18, 2020.

Texas, Lubbock 
The Museum at Texas Tech, Cotton and Thrift: Feed Sacks and the Household Fabric of Rural America, curated by Marian Ann Montgomery.
Through December 15, 2019

Vermont, Bennington
The Bennington Museum displays its famous Jane Stickle quilt annually---this year from August 31-October 14, 2019.

Vermont,  Shelburne
Shelburne Museum,  Ink + Icons: Album Quilts from the Permanent Collection. Nine quilts.
Through October 31, 2019

Virginia, Harrisonburg

Virginia Quilt Museum, West Virginia Child of the Civil War, quilts from the collection. Through December, 14.

Washington D.C.
DAR Museum. A Piece of Her Mind: Culture and Technology in American Quilts
Through December 31, 2019
November 15, 2019. “Culture and Technology in American Quilts: A Symposium.”

National Museum of American History, Everyday Luxury: Silk Quilts from the National Collection

Washington, Spokane
Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture. Memory and Meaning: Textiles from the Permanent Collection, featuring an embroidered 17th-century Bengali quilt.  
Through January 12, 2020