Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Morris The Earthly Paradise

If you do a web search for Morris Earthly Paradise--- fabric is not what comes up.
You will see this book.

The Earthly Paradise is William Morris's famous literary work, a poetic saga.

He published it in many forms beginning in the late 1860s.

I love his utopian idea of an Earthly Paradise
although I don't read many epic poems.

The most collectible edition is Morris's own Kelmscott
Press edition, which he was working on when he died.
Printed on vellum in an edition of about 200 it sells in the thousands of dollars.

Morris designed the fancy letter designs associated with his name
for the Kelmscott Press and the pages are gorgeous.

But my favorite is this inexpensive, popular version printed in the 1890s.

I like the simple floral that floats around on the cover.
Print this JPG out at 8-1/2 x 11"

And you'd have a lovely applique design for some Morris prints
or a wall stencil for a period frieze. 


  1. Not many repros sold in New York City, but I was pleased to see almost your entire line of Earthly Paradise on bolts near the front of the store at City Quilter. It's rich colors looked just beautiful.