Sunday, April 29, 2018

Diamonds: BFF

Deb Rowden's copy (left)  of an antique quilt from my collection

The orange zig-zag craze around here may be over but we 
are still thinking diamonds.

Kathe Dougherty's copy of the antique quilt

The vintage orange zig-zag

Karla still has some rows to connect

My 18" x 20" mini

Some of us have a lot of 1-1/4" paper pieces left.

A little inspiration:
Ohio Amish from the Faith & Steven Brown Collection

Some of these are 45 degree diamonds and some 60 degree.
It doesn't really matter which you use---as long as you choose one or the other.

Connecticut project & the Quilt Index

Modifying a 1930s pattern. Threadneedle Street.

McLin Family, Washington County, Tennessee

From eBay seller gb-best

All diamonds

Janae Bissinger's Streamers
for McCall's Quilting

Paper Pattern by Mail - $8

If you want to buy a pattern for the Orange Zig-Zag click on the links to my Etsy shop.

PDF to print yourself - $5

It's a delightfully complex essay on a very simple quilt.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Log Cabins-McCall's Quilting

I have an article in the May/June 2018 issue of McCall's Quilting---a 2-page history of the log cabin design.

The magazine has several patterns for some graphic variations.

See more about the issue here:

It's all a good excuse to show you 12 great vintage log cabin quilts---mostly found in online auctions.

Wool, early 20th c?

More of the same.



Below two Half-A-Logs (really 1/4 of a log)



Housetops About 1900

It says Hitty and it's a doll quilt, maybe 1880-1900

From eBay seller French72 Antiques

From Laura Fisher Quilts

Posts I've done about the pattern:

Monday, April 23, 2018

Past Perfect: Judie Rothermel

April's Past Perfect featured quilt designer is Judie Rothermel.

Judie has been designing reproduction fabrics since 1987.

She's done many collections of Aunt Grace 1930s's repro prints.

Tea Leaves

And lots of miniature quilts

How many repro lines in 31 years!
What a gift for us traditional quiltmakers.

Sturbridge Stars

Her lines and quilt designs range across the 19th century and into the 20th.

Thirteen Stars from 2007.

Her quilts are often simple patchwork making the most of
 old-fashioned prints.

Stars & Bars

Centennial Quilt
She's known for her samplers too.

Heirloom Applique

Judie's Album Quilt

Judie's inspiration has been antique quilts from her own collection and from museums such as Old Sturbridge Village and the New England Quilt Museum. She and husband Bob ran the Schoolhouse Quilt Shoppe in Canton, Ohio for decades.

The shop is now open by appointment only.

Thanks to Judie and Marcus Brothers for providing us with so much of our stash of repro prints.

Nineteenth Century Schooldresses
One of her latest lines