Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Morris Earthly Paradise Project & Kit

For each fabric collection we do at Moda we have a Project pattern. The project for Morris Earthly Paradise is a 75-inch square quilt that includes pieced stars and simple applique.

Morris Earthly Paradise
75" x 75"
Available as a project sheet or a kit.
See the catalog sheet here:

This design has many mothers. The final version is a collaboration between Moda designer Carrie Nelson and me. I sent Carrie the suggestion below. She added smaller stars and a less-static border.

My inspiration was a quilt that Karla Menaugh, Jean Stanclift
and I designed years ago for our Sunflower Pattern Co-operative.

Jacobean Meadow had 13 stars and 12 applique blocks.

Jean made our model in fabrics from the first line Terry Thompson
and I did for Moda called Floral Trails.

Our inspiration in turn was a vintage English applique.

I can't remember where we found the photo.
The picture below is the only one I have.
We loved the primitive applique and the wild border.

We weren't the only people with a picture of this quilt on our bulletin boards.
Kim McLean was inspired to create her very popular version
Stars & Sprigs

Stars & Sprigs by Kim McLean

I bet some of you had a photo of that English quilt on your bulletin boards too.


Gypsy Quilter said...

Actually, I've not seen the original photo before. However, it's wonderful that each person working with the concept created a unique balance of color, proportion, and design. I would like to add that setting the stars in a vertical row and the flowers in a vertical row, but connecting would be interesting to see in bright Pennsylvania Dutch prints, or maybe blues and yellows. Thanks for sharing.

Barbara Brackman said...

Gypsy---you should do your own take on it.