Friday, May 17, 2024

Octagonal Star Block--Or Not


Quilt that looks to be 1940-1960

Unusual pattern in that the star is in an octagonal block, which alternates with a small square. 

Similar to Eveline Foland's pattern for an octagonal pillow in the Kansas City Star in 1931.

But Foland's star points are split in half so the star and the shapes around it are the same.

The colors chosen create an odd result---rather noisy.

Blue calms things down.

And you might prefer a square block.

So here's a pattern for Celestial, a very calm 10" Star in a square block.


  1. Looks like one of my ideas that run amok. This happens when I don't mock it up but just select from the stash and scraps to design without a design wall. I like the sewer's bravado.

  2. Wonderfully wild! My eye keeps jumping between the white pinwheels to seeing larger red & white bladed pinwheels. Then those pinwheels appear & disappear due to the shared blades. What I don't see is stars. What a difference fabric selection has on this one. But then, is there a block where that doesn't matter?

  3. I'm grateful that you diagrammed the block. I could not figure it out just looking at the photo.