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Phoebe's Favorite Dogtooth #9: Cochise County


Phoebe's Favorite Dogtooth #9: Cochise County by Elsie Ridgley

Collection of the Arizona Historical Society
Attributed to Cora Viola Howell Slaughter (1860-1941)
and Edith Stowe (?-1938), Cochise County, Arizona, c. 1890.
Ladies' Circle Patchwork Quilt published it as "Cochise County."

Green cactus-like leaves with points slashed and turned Dogtooth-style.

Cochise County by Becky Brown

Two sheets for our last pattern. One Dogtooth technique, one conventional
template applique.

Denniele Bohannon's last block

Wisconsin project saw this great example, picture much improved here.

Setting of nine-patches & triple sash plus fading solid color
fabrics good clues to Southern origins.

See many more examples of Cochise County at this post:

Many of them look to be decades earlier than Cochise County, Arizona, established in 1891, but the name is so colorful.

This is the last of the nine dog-tooth applique patterns. Becky sketched her set for blocks on point.

Denniele's plan

Here's a post with links to all nine free patterns. 

And our Facebook group.

And you can always buy the patterns in my Etsy shop for $12 to print yourself.

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