Monday, May 22, 2023

Interesting Solutions to Common Design Problems


Certain patterns must be adjusted in some fashion to fit a format
with 90 degree corners.

The half-block might have been a more practical solution.

Some do reject the common solutions and explore new options.

Any hexagonal pattern has to be tamed....

You cannot just let them run free.

The large star of diamonds often presents problems when you
draft your own diamond. Here we have a 9-pointed star. Best
solution is probably to applique it to a background and hope no
one can count beyond eight.

Related problem. Fill in the gaps and call it eight.

Another Lone Star problem is a bump in the center.

Not a good solution--but a solution....


  1. These examples define why there are so many quilts out there without labels. I enjoyed this post.

  2. These quilts really boost my own confidence in my skills. Laughing out Loud here.

  3. And that's why it will be a while before I try making a Lone Star quilt! I salute the makers - not letting anything stand in the way of finishing that quilt. There were some very creative ways to not let all their time and fabric go unfinished.

  4. Thanks Barbara! I had a good laugh while reading this post!

  5. LOL! I'm reminded of Ami Simms' Worst Quilt in the World contests.