Tuesday, March 14, 2023

1909 Emaus, Pennsylvania


Garth's Auctions
Corner of an Emaus, Pennsylvania quilt dated 1909.
The style and strip pattern pieced of solids sometimes called Joseph's Coat is
a Pennsylvania regionalism.

In the summer of 1909 Emaus in Lehigh County
celebrated its fifty-year anniversary with a
Golden Jubilee celebration that included the biggest
parade the small Moravian town had ever seen.

They hired decorator W.I. Hipple of Reading
to dress the town. Mr. Hipple used a lot of bunting,
red and white, probably some blue for the national
colors and undoubtedly some gold for the Jubilee theme.

Emaus a few decades later

The local historical society tells us:
"The 4,000 residents of Emaus readied the town for the Aug. 1 to 7 celebration (Jubilation Week). Nearly all buildings were decorated — homes, town hall, schools, businesses, playgrounds, etc. Lights, streamers, banners, and other decorations adorned the streets and buildings 'in colors never before seen.' ”

We've seen those colors before. Someone saved the left over decorating 
cottons and made a quilt out of it.


  1. Can I ask you, where is this quilt now? I live in the town next to Emmaus (how it is spelled now).

  2. Michele---it was auctioned off a while ago.