Saturday, June 11, 2022

Hexagonal Blocks in Scrappy Prints


An interesting scrappy quilt from the Pat L. Nichols collection
at the Mingei Museum. Probably dates to about 1900.

Perfect for Charm packages made up of 5" squares.

The blocks are hexagons....long hexagons.

Pieced of 10 squares and 4 Half-Square Triangles.

BlockBase #282.5

The pattern was published about 1900 by Comfort magazine as Irish Chain, but their arrangement was set with alternating squares.

It wasn't a really popular pattern but you can find examples
made in that time period when blues, blacks and pinks were
so fashionable. 

I did a search in the Quilt Index for the "Brackman Number"
282.5 and found a couple of examples.

Wyoming Project
Mid-20th-century and even scrappier.

Iowa Project. 
More triangles, fewer squares with a four-patch alternating.
It's related to the far-more popular Ocean Wave.

Which is all triangles.

Not that old, developed in the 1870s...

Those blocks that aren't square get tricky to pattern.
 I was thinking you'd want to make the most of the 5" squares.

Like from a Ladies' Legacy Charm pack.
So here's what I came up with in EQ8, based on 4-inch finished small squares.

Cut 2 A squares 4-7/8"; then cut those in half diagonally.
Cut 10 B squares 4-1/2".

For the larger square C cut a square 6-1/2" finishing to 5-5/8".

I HAVE been wrong before.

There may be an easier way to get a similar effect
If the large squares have a seam in the middle it's a square block.

For the stacked-up version at the top cut the larger pink square 8-1/2"


  1. Another great post! Could I ask a question about green colors in vintage/antique quilts? I have a couple of antique quilt, and the previous owners referred the green color in them as "poison green." When I posted pictures of them in a forum, several (angry) replies were that the color was "Nile green" and certainly not "poison green." Would you have any information about these colors and what, if any, differences there are between the two? Thanks so much.

  2. see this post
    scroll way down

  3. Hello Barb. On Feb. 18, 2010, I showed something similar on my blog with measurements. Lori at Humble Quilts did the original pattern, which I changed to using 2" squares. Cannot remember much of the rest unless I check my blog. Thank you for sharing so much pertinent information. San / www.GypsyQuilterDesigns.blogspot.com

  4. A belated thank you for this post. It provided inspiration for my next ongoing scrap quilt. Staggered 14-patches with 3-inch squares with set triangles from 4.5-inch squares make a 14.5 x 7.5 trim block. Still mulling how they will piece together once I make enough (vertical, horizontal, offset with zigzag). [couldn't insert photo]