Thursday, December 23, 2021

Link of Friendship: Supply Chain


Supply Chain
Here's my un-entered design in EQ's
 December Design Challenge

It's a mid-20th-century design done here in late 19th-century William Morris prints from my Best of Morris collection from Moda (rather hard to find due to---you guessed it---supply chain issues.)

Quilt by Laura Lilly Eads about 1950, Mercer County, West Virginia
From the West Virginia project and the Quilt Index

The pattern is an addition to the third edition of my Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns
#4100.3 Link of Friendship
It's such a clever pattern you might guess it is from the Laura Wheeler/Alice Brooks
syndicate Needlecraft.

It took me years to find the source and to figure out how the repeat works.
See my previous confusion here:

Thank you, Merikay.

It is a square block but as in most Wheeler/Brooks blocks the piecing is not going to be easy.

They have you do some fancy set-in Y seams
as you can see in BlockBase+

Pieces D-7 and D-6 here in the original pattern
would be easier if one added a seam down the middle.

The trade off is more pieces but no central Y seams.

Whatever you do it is not a beginner pattern.

Jeannette's mother saved the whole package and she posted it.
The Brooks/Wheeler syndicate also published it as a diagonal.

BlockBase+ Diagonal set

Several contemporary quiltmakers sell their own patterns:

Unchained Melody by Nancy Landon

Ivan and Lucy


Quilt in a Day has fabric! And it's on sale after Christmas!