Monday, June 15, 2020

Indiennes: Antique prints & Rather New Repros

While going through my old paper files to donate to the Quilt Research Center at the University of Nebraska Libraries I came across a "tear sheet" from Quilters Newsletter in 2002.

I wrote a series about reproduction prints back when they were fairly new to the market. This one is about French Indiennes, the style of print we might call French Provincial. Other names are foulards and mignonettes.

I hope you can read the text.

But if nothing else enjoy the pictures.
I d been to France and checked out the French Provincial fabric situation
(About 20 years ago)

I coordinated these articles with a book 
America's Printed Fabrics: 1790-1890,
published in 1994.

Repro prints from the book

It's still available from C&T Publishing.
as a print on demand edition---looks like a book, reads like a book, etc.
 but they don't print it till you order it.

Five years ago I did an online reprise with the prints available then:

Here's one from Bettina Havig's stash of repro prints.

The problem with publishing about reproduction prints is that they eventually
become antiques themselves.

Are there any good Indiennes in the quilt shops now?


  1. Thanks again for a really educational post. This is all new info to me!

  2. I just clicked on the photo and it enlarged perfectly for a good read. I think it is more difficult to obtain the Civil War repros in shops over here. For one size of stocking shelves limits styles and each reflect the tastes of the shop owner. Not a problem because that meant several trips to different shops in days of yore. Otherwise quilt shows. Or holiday/vacation finds. Most Civil War fabrics seem to be available online but even then very limited. It will be interesting to see what happens post Covid as a lot of places are struggling and not just quilt shops.

  3. I am french and I can tell you that this kind of fabric is still very popular, even if it is a bit old fashioned. You can find them easily on markets in south of France.
    On the internet, you can see "Souleiado" "Les Olivades" or ask for "tissu proven├žal"
    "cretonne proven├žale".
    Thank you for your work.

  4. The only ones I've seen are repros, and there are quite a few of those, I think, by several designers. I don't know about new-to-today designs. I did find two that might be, but maybe they are also repros? They were from Moda's Rue Indienne line for French General.

    136-84-18gris in blue (but comes in red also)

    13681 in red

    I'm not entirely sure about the second one, as it seems to be a border print, but I can't see all of it.

  5. Why do they look like Dutch chintz ??? Are they related , can you give us a Dutch chintz history ??

  6. I LOVE these kinds of prints! Wish they were more available!

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