Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Virtual Booth Quilt Market 2020

Quilt Market's been cancelled of course.
Since I have a virtual booth I've set up at the Pittsburgh convention
center anyway, but it's a lonely spot.
I may be the only person with a virtual booth.

Thanks to Edward Hopper for the ambience.


Kerry said...

Needs a bit of decoration there Barbara. You look very lonely! ;)

So many things cancelled here. My daughter is still thinking everything will be hunky dory by the end of November for the wedding - but it might be that will be the start of second wave - unless everyone will be caught out and it appears earlier. Nothing quite like a bit of optimism.

Barbara Brackman said...

Kerry, I have my dog. Best of luck on the wedding plans.

Susan said...

A lot of sacrifices around the world in people's plans. If this doesn't remind us that we aren't in control, I don't know what will. =)