Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Feature for Love of Quilting Magazine

I'm planning to do a regular article every other month in 2020 for the Love of Quilting magazine. The first one is out in their January 2020 issue, available now.

The topic is Then & Now--- for their 20th anniversary the first one is about quilt style in 2000 and quilt style today. Quite a difference over twenty years.

Karla Menaugh and I were in the thick of the trends in 2000, which were centered in Kansas City. Above one of the "primitive" appliques we did for our Sunflower Pattern Company. (Most of our  patterns like this one are out of print.) Sweet Harmony is a perfect example of  2000 style: simple applique, plaid flannels, browns and muted colors.

Now the style epicenter has shifted South,
way South to Australia where quilters like
Kathy Doughty probably don't own a scrap of brown.
I showed one of Kathy's bright quilts in the article as the perfect

Years ago when I wrote for Quilters Newsletter my friend Louise Townsend and I used to do a feature on recent quilt history---It was fun to go back say ten years and figure out who was the first person to....

This is sort of the same thing but we will be going as far back as 1850 over the course of the year. Each issue I'll show a quilt or two from the era with an up-to-date style. And we'll talk about technology. Like when was the rotary cutter invented and how did it change the look? The Slant-o-Matic?

And all in a sentence or two.

Buy a digital copy of the January issue of Love of Quilting here:


  1. perfect post after i've just gone thru 35+ years' worth of quilters newsletter magazines where the name 'barbara brackman' was found numerous times...so much good quilty info and inspiration...many of those writers have passed but glad to see you are still in the game!

  2. It should be a great addition to this magazine!!

  3. I've been having fun looking through some QNM from the late 70s-80s, comparing the trends in fabrics, quilting, and general styles, and greatly enjoying your articles along with the rest. And the advertisements - I wish I could find some of those items now, wondering if the companies still exist. And the lists of quilt shows - I wonder how many are still going, how many have ceased.

    Speaking of Love of Quilting - a series of articles was on various quilters, and one featured Marianne Fons and Liz Porter before they hit the big time. It was such a hoot reading about their plans back then - no mention of a magazine or TV series.

  4. Can't wait to read this new column.

  5. Love it, will be looking forward to it!

  6. Quilters Newsletter was one of my favorite magazines and I really miss it. I will be waiting eagerly for yous article to fly across the pond to my post box. Hopefully it won't be long. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Looking forward to this, and laughing about the 'browns'.

  8. I'm always looking back to the 1980's and 90's to get inspired to make a quilt. Time has changed the design and ways of quilt making. Personally I prefer the challenge of the old ways.