Saturday, May 18, 2019

Quilt Market in Kansas City

I got to go to Quilt Market yesterday

I had a half hour gig in the C&T booth autographing
The Kansas City Star Quilts Sampler book
we did.

Roseanne, Karla and I then moseyed around all day.
I was on the lookout for the news I can report to the small niche audience I represent:
People who want antique fabric reproductions and traditional quilt patterns. All in short supply.

Did see a few arts & crafts, William Morris reproductions
but my analysis:
Trends of the past few years continuing...

Bright colors across the spectrum contrasted with whites

Jen Kingwell's booth
Or contrasted with each other.

Tula Pink's booth

Note to self: Dye a rug

For a color junkie like me it was fun.

Maria Schell quilt in the center

Jennifer Sampou trying to disappear behind her work.

Other trends: Bright young designers with clever takes on tradition.

Gray still a hot decorating color.

Minick and Simpson

Primitive Gatherings

Minimalism in color as well as shape

Minimal color but maximal impact.
Wool applique

Another ongoing trend is pale colors...
Pastels---it is after all Spring Market.


Mary & Barb of Me & My Sister
Or Barb and Mary?
I stole this photo from the Fat Quarter Shop blog.
They always do a great job of reporting:

Lepidopteran #5 by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry

Selections from the exhibit:

Jane Sassaman

Sunset Serenity by Cheryl Quesnell
Strips cut to 3/4"

Fair and Square
Giant Yo-Yos

All those couches, no where to recline.


  1. Darn, doesn't look like much up my alley!!

  2. There were a lot of good applique patterns and pieced traditional----but where would the fabric come from to make them?
    Stashes I guess---but that's not the business that fabric shops are in. Telling people to use their stashes.

  3. There are still a LOT of traditional quilters, and I am glad I have a stash, but sad hearing that there isn't much available in that style. I still like to go shopping for new fabric to blend with what I have. The modern style seems to have taken over. I hope the quilt shops in my area are able to come back from market with fabric that will appeal to ALL kinds of quilters.

  4. The yo-yo piece reminds me of the January 1888 Peterson's Marguerite Tidy. Cheers, Louise


  5. SO frustrating for us traditional quilt-makers who want traditional (1800's) fabrics to make our TIMELESS quilts! This "modern stuff" will look SO outdated really soon! No matter WHAT the "modern" may be! SO difficult to convince a quilt shop of the need for these other eras of fabric lines.

  6. While there weren't a lot of trad-fabrics there, as a in-betweener, I was wondering how far we can stretch out this brights and white trend: what will it morph into? And gray? Still?

    Thanks for a look at things--

  7. Hmmm, I like color too, but I think we have all been patiently waiting for new and delicious reproductions. Thanks for sharing the news.

  8. I do love the traditional fabrics and patterns. But how are we to know that today's "modern" fabrics and patterns won't be considered classics in the future? I have some Quilter's Newsletter Magazines from the 70s, what's used often? Plain fabrics. What's hot now in so called modern quilting? Plain fabrics, but heavily quilted. What was hot in the 30s? Feedsacks. Now we pay handsomely for the originals and reproductions abound. All went through a time when they were considered dated, but came back into fashion used with a twist from the last time they were popular.

    I'm thinking that if 1800s/Civil War fabric lovers want it to continue to be widely available, there needs to be a new way of using it to capture attention again. How many classic quilt patterns have been sized up and done in wildly bright fabrics and proclaimed "not your grandma's quilting!". GAHHHHH!!!!!! I hate that phrase! I'm hoping the quilting industry doesn't go into severe decline like it did in the 50s-60s. I probably won't be around for a quilting revival in 2076.

  9. I noticed on your blog you posted photos of people and their booths at Quilt Market KC 2019. I spoke to you for a minute or two and apparently you were taking photos of me and my work without my permission; hence the blurry photos. Then you posted the blurry photos of me from the neck down and my ‘ambitious precuts’, but did not mention my name at all because you did not ask it or my permission to post them on your blog.
    I commented on the post asking you to remove the photos, but the blurry photos are still there. When are you going to remove the photos from your blog?

  10. In quilt shops I've been in the last 3 years, in Iowa, Oregon, and Orange County California I've seen shelves upon shelves of "traditional" fabric - civil war reproductions included. Quilt Market is the Milan Fashion Week of quilting, with the Newest New Thing, but it's clear to me that there is a Maker & suppliers for Traditional quilt fabrics.