Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Stars in Her Crown Label & Finishes

Becky Brown's Stars in Her Crown
36" square

The Queen would probably be quite pleased with our efforts
at patchwork. I know I am ---and I didn't put a stitch in it.

Jeanne Arnieri added the pieced border.
As the Queen might say:
"It meets with my approbation."

Denniele's Label

48" Square
Denniele Bohannon's is bordered, quilted and bound
and has been juried into the Chicago show Quilt Festival Chicago,
March 28-30 2019.

Quilted by Sue Daurio 
Congratulations, Denniele & Sue!

Here's a label for you to print on pre-treated white cotton.
It should print out 4" but you can adjust it. Add name, date
etc. in ink.

Mark Lauer's, quilted by Jennifer Strausser

France Aubert set hers with a small stripe and then a mitered border.
Very Victorian!

You all deserve a medal!


  1. They are all sensational. Denniele's label is just over the top. Wow!!!

  2. Ohhh, todos preciosos, gracias por la etiqueta Un saludo

  3. Thank you for the label, and thank you for an outstanding series!

  4. Just brilliant! So much more than a quilt pattern. Your excellent research and writing made me eagerly anticipate the next “star”!

    I am a quilter and, because my middle name is Starr, interested in all star blocks. These stars will be my next project.

    Thanks so much for Material Culture. It’s the best quilting blog ever!

  5. Beautiful finishes. Well done everyone. Thank you Barbara, I enjoyed reading the history as well as seeing the block patterns.

  6. I loved making these blocks, thanks Barbara. Thanks also for the story, with photos, of Queen Victoria and children

  7. Great quilt.I enjoy reading your post about them.Many thank.It's great!!

  8. Thanks for all the fun! It was a challenge but a great one!

    Thank you, Wendy Caton Reed.....it was a hoot to do!