Thursday, December 13, 2018

Crazy Wheel of Fortune

Classic Forties Quilt 
Scraps of bright colors, lots of white for a neutral,
Pattern with secondary designs.

I found it at C&T's webpage advertising the new
book The Kansas City Star Quilts Sampler.

They include templates & rotary cutting instructions for a 12" block.

It's in BlockBase twice as #1299
and M005

Wheel of Fortune & Crazy Anne

Slightly different proportions. 

I'd imagine the 1949 pattern was a version of the Wheel of Fortune from the Laura Wheeler/
Alice Brooks syndicate from the Old Chelsea Station post office in New York. The Kansas City Star carried those syndicated patterns as well as their own quilt column.

Wheel of Fortune from Laura Wheeler,
perhaps copyright 1940.

Now that we have pattern templates
(Page 190 in The Kansas City Star Quilts Sampler)
we can work on shading

12" block x 64 =  72" square

The original scrappy version from the quilt above is good.

The blogger at Q is for Quilter pieced some blocks in
vintage prints.

I found a 1986 version at the Quilt Index from
the Indiana Project by Martha Leckron Harvey.

And a more recent example pieced over paper foundations.
No source though.

I imported it from BlockBase into EQ8 and recolored the patches
trying to emphasize the corner designs.

Crazy Wheel of Fortune

The I erased some lines taking out one dark purple shape.
The corner designs stand more on their own.
This one doesn't have a BlockBase number.

Maybe #1299.5


  1. I just received my copy of the new book this week. I'm pondering ideas ...

  2. I really like this design. Too bad I have a gazillion others on my want to do list.

  3. That's a very pretty block - as Miss Pat said, gazillion others - and this one was new to me, so make it a gazillion and one!!!

  4. It is so cool how a little shift here or there creates a different pattern. One of the many things I love about quilting! cheers!

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