Sunday, July 8, 2018

Gregg Museum at North Carolina State University

The Gregg Museum of Art & Design at North Carolina State Museum in Raleigh
has over 200 pictures of quilts in their online catalog.

Some favorites that look typically Southern.

Wait a minute, this one says Ohio. It's a Star Spangled Banner.

Back to typical Southern, spiky points, solid color fabrics,
triple strip sashing.

Some of the collection came from Ruth Roberson's collection of family and other North Carolina quilts.

Many are from the James/Farmer collection of North Carolina quilts
collected by Everette James and Nancy Farmer.

UPDATE: A note from friend Kathy Sullivan, former North Carolinian:
"I will confess to being instrumental in getting many quilts donated and giving quite a few myself. The collection has grown well."
Thanks Kathy. What a great thing to do with your quilts. Start a public collection.


  1. How nice! I live in Greece, but I am going to visit my daughter in Charlotte with Christmas. I might plan a trip to the Gregg Museum when I am there!!

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