Sunday, June 10, 2018

Amelia Lauck's Hewson Quilt?

Detail of stuffed work in an Amelia Lauck quilt.
We know quite a bit about Amelia Lauck who
has five quilts in two museums.

Amelia Lauck in
the 62 Year of her
Age April 15th

The Daughters of the American Revolution Museum has three quilts and Colonial Williamsburg two in their collections.

Two similar medallion quilts framed by Delectable Mountain pieced borders
in the DAR's collection.

And two very similar quilts in the Colonial Williamsburg collection.
All have intricate stuffed work quilting in the white borders.

While working on a post about quilts with John Hewson
panels I recalled this quilt from the Orlofsky collection
shown in Myron & Patsy Orlofsky's 1974 book Quilts in America.

Looking closely at the photo I noticed that this medallion
quilt in a Delectable Mountain design also had intricate stuffed
work quilting in the white borders.

As I recall the Orlofskys found this quilt at a New England sale.
It certainly looks like a sixth quilt from the Lauck workshop

Below is the third quilt attributed to Amelia Lauck (or her daughter-in-law) at the DAR Museum.

Mathematical Star Quilt, 1830s 
Amelia Heiskell Lauck (1760-1842) and/or Eliza Jane Sowers Lauck (1812-1872)
Winchester, Frederick County or Page County, Virginia
Gift of Sally Ann Lauck Harris, 2006.3.2
DAR Museum

The star is quite different, a later style.

 Amelia Lauck (1760-1842) by Jacob Frymire, MESDA collection

This is certainly a prodigious output for one woman, particularly in the quilting. We know she owned  slaves and possibly had them plus hired servants and employees doing needlework for her.

A link to one of her quilts at Colonial Williamsburg:


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