Friday, May 11, 2018

Summer Vacation Destination: Winterset Iowa

Victoria Findlay Wolfe has a retrospective exhibit until July 29th, 2018 at the 
Iowa Quilt Museum.

A couple of weeks ago Deb Rowden & I drove to Winterset, Iowa for a Saturday event covering the town with quilts, including the famous covered bridges of Madison County. You gotta go next spring when they do The Airing of the Quilts again.

Quilts on porches, quilts on covered bridges, quilts hanging on the court house.

But you also have to get to Winterset anytime because it is as apple pie as it gets.

Winterset, the capitol of Madison County, has a lot going for it. 
There is no better small town on the Great Plains...
For fans of architecture...

Fans of quilts....

Fans of Ben Franklin Stores & flat folds
(in this old photo you can see the J.C. Penney store, which is now the Iowa Quilt Museum)

And fans of brick & mortar quilt shops.

 Quilt Sampler magazine says Tony Jacobson's & Joyce Franklin's Piece Works Quilt Shop is one of the ten best shops, spring 2018.

....And fans of old movie theaters.
They serve real butter on the popcorn along with local wine & beer.

Winterset is near Des Moines, about 15 miles off Interstate 80.

Marianne Fons with her American Pie quilt

Now you might guess there is a certain dynamo behind
many of the good things in Winterset.

See what's playing at The Iowa tonight.

Rebecca Fons & mother

Read about the theater project.


See  the current show at the Iowa Quilt Museum: Playing with Purpose: A Victoria Findlay Wolfe Retrospective: 


  1. I look forward to a "someday" visit. The article in Quiltfolk Magazine was very inviting. What a great way to share your talent!

  2. Looks like a fun destination.
    History, architecture and quilts.