Thursday, May 18, 2017

Quilt Market St Louis: Our Virtual Booth

Our Virtual Booth
Sunflower Pattern Co-operative

Spring Quilt Market is in St. Louis this week: May 19-21, 2017.

We are bringing everybody.
Me, Karla, Pam, Deb, Jean, Shauna
and Dottie the Dachshund.

The true facts are we aren't actually going to market. But it's always
fun to design the virtual booth.

Another True Fact: We have no new patterns right now for the Sunflower Pattern Co-operative. We are focusing on digitizing the classics from years past for our Etsy Shop.

You can buy a PDF of Crown of Thorns

 (And we only have one actually digitized) but we have a lot of books and patterns in paper fashion still in stock.

Check out the actual virtual store here:

(PS: I'm going on vacation for about 2 weeks so any orders will be delayed till June.)


  1. What fun! Dottie looks less than thrilled to be photoshopped into the mix. Actually she has the exact look my dear Oscar gave me when I asked him to do something silly.

  2. Wonderful display as always! I'll "be there" with you :)

  3. Jeanne & Wendy. We'll go out for a virtual lunch. I'll make Deb take care of Dottie.

  4. Yummo -- my treat!!! :)

    That woodstove must have been heavy ...

  5. I always look forward to your virtual booth. Glad you didn't leave anyone out.