Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Quilts For Sale: Models and Samples

Voysey Improv by Linda Frost, 2015
36 x 42

We are selling some of the models for my books and fabric lines
in my Etsy shop.


Dottie for Scale
(No not for sale---for SCALE)

Linda made this one from my Morris Modernized: CFA Vosey fabric for Moda.

We've got a few others up there such as this
double fan or snake trail, hand pieced and hand quilted by me from
1930s repro prints. It was pictured in Making History.

Georgann Eglinski and I did this one with a trapunto fish in the center. It's 33" x 33".

There's a section called Georgann's Jumble Sale where we
donate the proceeds to a charity.

And a little Round Robin
with a house theme that the Sewhatevers did around
my improv house in the moonlight.

Check the store every once in a while to see what we've posted.


  1. I think I hear a tune - "How much is that Dotty on the quilt top? The one with the waggily tail!" too cute!


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