Wednesday, January 20, 2016

All In a Row Blog Hop: Scotties & Westies

We Moda designers did a cooperative book.

Moda All-Stars All in a Row
We're doing a blog hop in January and today is my day!

For the book we each designed a row and stitched it in our Moda fabrics.
Mine is a classic pattern Double Stars (see page 91)
It's done in traditional pinks and brown repro fabrics.

There are many aspects to this Blog Hop. One
is a trade. Me and Me and My Sister are trading today.
Hop over there to see what they're doing...

They are making my row and I am making their row.

Their row is Fetch---it's on the front cover and see page 29.

They feature a black and white dog and pinwheel blocks in brights.

Here's my trade. 
I reversed the colors and did the pinwheels in the brights of my Morris Jewels collection. 

A charm pack would be more than enough.

In EQ7 I used a dark grunge print from Moda

If their dog is a Scottie
Mine is a Westie (a white  West Highland Terrier).

A Scottie

A Westie

One of my favorite dog artists is Lucy Dawson (?-1954) who
drew chalk pastels of dogs for postcards, biscuit tins and books.

She drew many Scotties and Westies. 

She signed her drawings MAC.

But I digress...

Here's my Fetch row drawn up in EQ7 with a 2" finished border.

There are huge prizes, give-aways and mass social networking going on over at Moda.
Check it all out here on Facebook:

The contest is over!
Anita won.
But lots more give-away at the other Moda designer blogs.


  1. Westies rock! I did Westie rescue for nearly 10 years. The two 8 year old boys are considered unadoptable due to health issues. This week not much of anything is getting done as my Westie so suffers from siezures is possibly dieing as a result of taking phenobarbital which in his case is a necessary evil. I saw this post and it was the first real smile in a few days. All dogs are lovers but Westies grab you by the heart. Thanks for your post.

  2. Love the Scotties in the row.

  3. Puppies are so much fun, including yours.

  4. Puppies are so much fun, including yours.