Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation

Matisse and I collaborated on this Photoshop painting
"Too Late to Rip" See his painting at the bottom of the page.

Many errors in quilt patterning are rotation problems. Intricate designs often require that parts be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise.

This Indiana Puzzle or Snail's Trail is a design that requires
consistent rotation.

See a recent post here:

Ambitious plans...

Foiled again.

The Drunkard's Path is another challenge
in spatial relations.

I have a very poor sense of direction myself.

Stereocard photo from the 1850s

I remember being in first grade where the people in charge were always asking me about left and right, something I knew nothing about. To have a ready answer I wrote L on one white sneaker, R on the other with my new fountain pen.

Unfortunately I wrote the letters on the wrong shoes.

Back to rotation. If you don't have a good sense of spatial orientation I wouldn't take up the Indiana Puzzle or the Drunkard's Path.

Kentucky Quilt Project/Quilt Index

Or the Princess Feather.

In fact any kind of whirling applique can be problematic.

From the North Carolina Project and the Quilt Index

Henri Matisse, Woman Before a Fish Bowl, 1922.
Collection of the Art Institute of Chicago


  1. What a hoot - thanks for the morning chuckle with my coffee -

  2. Too funny! I enjoy all your posts, but this one stands out! --Scarlett

  3. One of these could seriously be my quilt! I do that trick all the time!! I generally leave it in, too. Thanks for the fun post!!

  4. It may take a few seconds to find the turned-about unit, but once you do you can't NOT focus on it!

  5. Love these sort of posts. You just have to smile. I have been there....too many times to confess to.

  6. Looking at those sneakers, are you sure they're marked wrong? When you look at person facing you, their right foot is on your left snd their left foot id on your right. That left/right thing must be genetic because I have it and my daughter has it and you should hear us try to give each other directions in the car when one of us is drivibg. No crashes yet, but probably it's inevitable. It's almost like our first instinct is always wrong, but that kind of double-think doesn't work either. Very funny today.

  7. Thanks for such a funny post. I needed a good laugh!
    I have a terrible sense of direction. And yet I feel I must make a drunkard's path quilt. Haha, maybe I should send you a picture when I'm done and you can have this be a series :)