Sunday, November 1, 2015

Layer Cakes with Extra Frosting: Free Quilt Pattern

Extra Frosting

Here's a free pattern that works great with a Moda Layer Cake.

Charlie Chaplin and a Layer Cake
Slicing up Layer Cakes: 
Recipe starts with 42 ten-inch squares of the Morris Jewels.

Yum. Layer Cake.

Yum. Morris Jewels.

Slice and add a strip of white.

For enough white to make a 6 x 7 block quilt
(42) blocks you'll need  4 yards of white.
Four yards-that's ridiculous---
One Yard, thank you free-lance proof readers in the comments.

(All the B sides face towards the center)

The finished quilt of 42 blocks will be about 55"x 64 "

With 42 layers you get 42 blocks to play with.

I drew a sketch in EQ7 that makes the most of a layer cake.

First you slice the 10" square in half diagonally for piece A.

Save one slice for A. This will be the larger triangle. Half a 10" square finishes to a block 9.125 or 9-1/8 inches. This will be your finished block size.
Take the other triangle  and cut it so that each leg of the triangle is 7"

For the white layer (frosting?)
Cut a strip 2-1/2" wide by 14" of white.

Sew A to C and B to the other side of C.

Trim C  so your block is square 

You can do this with any set of Layer Cakes
like my Moda Alice's Scrapbag.

6 x 6 blocks = 54.75" square

You might prefer a traditional look with 36 blocks in a square

It will be 76.75" square

Add two inner borders of dark and light finishing to 2" wide
and an outer border finishing to 9" wide.

Paulette Goddard and a Layer Cake


  1. I love the Frosted quilt but is it really 4yrds of white for the stripes.

  2. This would be a lot of fun. However I think the yardage of white is incorrect. You say we would need 4 yards of white to make the frosting. My calculations don't show this. If you need a patch that is 2.5" x 14" for each of 42 blocks, that is 1,470 square inches. Depending on your assumption for WOF, it looks like a little over 1 yard, not 4. Perhaps there is something else I missed.


  3. Thank you Alcea and Melanie. I'm saying it was a typo and not a math error. One yard it is.

  4. Nice way to use that layer cake. I am always looking for more as I have about 10 (layer cakes) of them to use up. Thanks Robin A.

  5. Lovely! Where can a i get a printable version of this pattern please?

  6. Leanne You are going to have to print it yourself. Here's what you do. Make an empty word file.
    Place the cursor at the top of the page on the word Sunday. Highlight all of the copy and pictures in the the post.
    Copy that information to the word file.

    Print the word file.

    Good luck.