Thursday, September 3, 2015

"Just A Small Slice, Please" in the Moda Bake Shop

Denniele Bohannan
Just a Small Slice, Please
Louanna Mary Designs

Do you subscribe to the Moda Bake Shop? I found this yummy confection in my mail box on Monday.

Look for Denniele's recipe for a colorful quilt made of a pack of fat eighths of my
current Moda line The Morris Jewels.

Click here to see the free quilt pattern:

I've been blogging about tessellations, a single pattern piece that covers the surface of the quilt. 

Any four-sided shape will tessellate and this almost-a-triangle fits that geometry. Denniele used a Dresden Plate ruler to cut the slices.

Here's an in-progress shot on her design wall.

We've been discussing how much easier this shape is to sew than a long, skinny triangle with a sharp point at the top.

You can email a photo to Louannamary @ gmail.com, tag her on instagram @dennielebohannon or Facebook, Louanna Mary Quilt Design.

Congratulations to Denniele for such a clever design
I'm lucky to have such friends!


  1. What deliciously colorful dreams one could have under Denniele's quilt!

  2. I think I am the lucky one in the friends category! Thank you!

  3. Beautiful!!! Can't beat great quilter friends!