Thursday, August 13, 2015

Morris Jewels Kits

Morris Jewels
Jewel Box Kit from Moda
About 64" x 83"

Look for the official Moda kit for my latest line The Morris Jewels.

My inspiration was a rather minimalist quilt I saw at
an on-line auction.

What if it were brighter?

Quilters Newsletter published a pattern in 1974 and called it Shadow Box. It's BlockBase #2642. I bet that's not the first time the pattern was published but I haven't seen it any earlier.

It's important to set the blocks on point to get the
neat geometric look.

The kit includes all the fabric (binding too) and the pattern.

Each row is a different print but the unifying fabric is this 
Willow Bough print by William Morris.

You could get the same effect with a nine-patch too.

If you shaded the squares
and set them on point.

Stars in Alignment 
68" x 68"

Hancock's of Paducah is also selling two Morris Jewels kits of their own design, which are in stock today.

Starry Jewels Kit
88" x 88"

 Starry Jewels was designed by Jenice Belling of Quilted Garden Designs. Both kits include fabrics for the quilt top and binding as well as the quilt pattern.

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  1. Fabulous blocks and fabrics and it`s the first time I see it.For me the second one is easiest!!

  2. where could I find the free downloadable Moda pattern for the Morris Jewels quilt?....I would love to make it in your Best of Morris line.
    Thanks, Patricia