Thursday, June 25, 2015

Morris Jewels: First yardage

Look what showed up on the front porch.

I'm not talking about the amaryllis blooms, although
that was another pleasant surprise. 

It's the fabric--- The Morris Jewels from Moda.
We re-colored the Best of Morris prints in jewel tones

Classic Morris in saturated color.

This is the first yardage shipped by air.

Jade and emerald shades.

The Morris Jewels
Scheduled for July delivery to quilt shops.

This line may be hard to find. Only select shops pre-ordered it. Ask at your local quilt store. It's going to go fast.

It certainly went fast at my stitch group.

Georgann took a lot of the red, called Ruby.

We cut it up and made our own fat quarter bundles.

It's hard to convey the vibrance of that greenish yellow,
which is called Topaz.

Stay tuned for quilts made from it.

See swatches here:


  1. need to see this in person - one of the things I like about the morris line is the "dusty" "muted" colors.

  2. I love the muted colours too, but I am blown away by these - might play nicely with some "solid" batiks? hh

  3. lovely! I'm going to look for those.

  4. Beautiful! You always leave us wanting more!!!

  5. These jewel colors are gorgeous!

    Your Photoshopped pictures always crack me up! :)

  6. Oh my! I MUST find some -- it will work PERFECTLY in my Dear Jane quilt! I'm using black/white and white/black background and VIBRANT colors as the prints. lls

  7. What gorgeous colors!! Are any of them still on the front porch?? Lol. I love Mr. Morris in tie dye.

  8. What is the point of asking my quilt shop? There have been no precuts and so she has not ordered it. What would be really helpful not just for this collection but others as well is a way for moda to indicate what stores have ordered it..... I do appreciate the heads up and will start a limited hunt. Sure we can hunt the internet but that does not support the local quilt shops. BUT I am not driving all over the metroplex to check the shops.