Friday, March 27, 2015

Best of Morris Kits

Best of Morris
Designed by Susan Stiff & Barbara Brackman for Moda
82" x 82"

Now that the Best of Morris bolts are in shops you can also find our kit for the collection. This is the Moda "official kit."

See a PDF about this line here:

Hancock's of Paducah also created a kit using the Best of Morris Fabric with the Floral Trick pattern by Jenice Belling of Quilted Garden Designs.

Here's a link:

I'll post other kits available as I find them.


  1. And they're gone ... the Hancock's kit is already out of stock. :-(

  2. FlyLadyF-I am hoping that they are not yet in stock. check the box that says Notify Me When Item is In Stock. It doesn't say Sold Out so I am optimistic you can still get one.

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