Friday, November 7, 2014

A Tale of Two More Chairs

Side chair newly upholstered with the Strawberry Thief
reproduction from my 2015 Best of Morris for Moda.

On my Modernism blog this week I show some mid-century modern chairs found in Roseanne's basement. I said I hadn't seen any Stickley furniture in any one's basement in quite a while. But I did find these chairs at a garage sale last summer. The original upholstery was a green cotton duck. I immediately thought---William Morris repro.

There are no labels on the chairs. 
They aren't Stickley---at least I couldn't find any like this online.

A Gustav Stickley spindle chair

And they are quite short--although I can't see that they have been cut down.
They make great side chairs.
(I'm really trying to make my new 1970's house
Mid-Century Modern but it keeps turning out Arts and Crafts.)

See my mid-century modern chairs at this post:
It's a good thing it's a big house as these pairs of chairs have so little in common.

I can't find a thing about these fumed oak chairs with 12 square spindles. I bought them because they looked so Frank Lloyd Wright.

He did several similar chairs
but none like mine.

And I found this Liberty inlaid spindle chair at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 
London last summer.
I think mine might be a knock-off, perhaps for children.

Sage colorway
I knew I wanted to re-upholster the chairs in the Strawberry Thief
but I had to wait till I received some yardage. The Best
of Morris won't be in shops till February, 2015. Moda airmails
me some early. (Lucky me!)

Indigo Colorway
The Strawberry Thief print is done in three colorways in this line.

Black Colorway
It was hard to choose but I decided on the black and blue-green.

Click here to see more of The Best of Morris:


  1. Love the fabric on the chairs. Why do chairs always end up in the basement? Guilty on that one!

  2. That particular fabric is quite nice -- it won't go in my apartment but would make a great quilted tote for large projects.

  3. Your fabrics really do make a nice print for chairs. My mom did her own upholstery, something I never had the patience for. I did watch a few programs where they did some chairs and it was easier then it looked, so videos are a nice way to learn.