Sunday, October 5, 2014

Richmond Reds: Springfield

Springfield is the largest print in my new
Richmond Reds collection of repro prints.

Springfield in Mahogany Red

We found the document print in an antique sample
book in the Moda collection. I liked the graceful
tossed repeat and the detail in the original drawing

Springfield in Rebel Red
It has a very characteristic middle-of-the-19th-century
look, mainly in the dark outline around lighter stems. The range
of madder shades of creams, reds, tans and chocolate is also typical
of the style.

Bright Star
Here Georgann Eglinski has used the Shirting
Cream colorway for her first block in the
Austen Family Album series (see the link to the free patterns in the
left hand column.)

Block 10--Good Fortune

Bronze colorway

Chocolate colorway

Copperplate Colorway

We've used the Rebel Red colorway for the
border in the Richmond Red kit.

The Lincoln house in Springfield, Illinois

Why Springfield for the print name?
It's Lincoln's hometown in Illinois

but it's also one of the most popular town names in the U.S.,
even if you don't count the Simpson's mythical Springfield.

So if you don't feel good about using the Rebel Red colorway
to remember Springfield, Illinois, consider the print named for 

Springfield, Georgia

Springfield, Arkansas

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